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Citrus Liquid Foaming Hand Soap

Citrus Liquid Foaming Hand Soap

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Our Liquid Foaming Hand Soap Now Comes in Citrus! This is Perfect Especially for Kitchens but Also Bathrooms! You Could Also Gift to a Friend Who Loves Citrus Scents! Made with Unscented Castile Soap, Vitamin E Oil, Citrus Essential Oil and Water; Just 4 Ingredients! And Kills Just as Many Germs as Those Synthetic, Chemical Filled Soaps! Smells So Amazing, Boosts Mood, Helps Eases Anxiety, Brightens Skin, and Helps Degrease Hands (A Great Kitchen Essential!😉) and Reaps Many More Benefits! 

*Bottle Size is 16oz!

Ingredients- Unscented Castile Soap, Citrus Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Water. 

Homemade, with Love & Quality. ⛅️💕

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